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All The Details Finding The Best Wheelchair Van

All The Details Finding The Best Wheelchair Van

As a wheelchair user, finding the best wheelchair van on the market shouldn’t be hard work. You should have your pick of some of the most exciting makes and models on the market, just like everyone else. If you want to make sure that you select a van that is not only wheelchair friendly, but also offers the kind of perks you can only expect from a top quality brand, look no further – our list will help you do just that.

Wheelchair vans are very specifically modified vehicles that allow for wheelchair bound users to utilize the van as a driver or as a passenger. While not all vehicles are manufactured to be wheelchair friendly, there are many who specialize in modifying their vehicles with this in mind. Simply read our handy guide of questions and answers to make the best decision.

Is it Costly to Ensure a Van is Wheelchair Accessible?

It doesn’t have to be. If you’re purchasing a wheelchair van that has been custom designed to fit your needs, it could end up costing a bit more than the recommended retail price, but you can also opt for side-door lifts that will set you back between $1,500 and $3,500.

Are Wheelchair Vans Tax Deductible?

While you can’t deduct the entire wheelchair van, you can put the difference between owning a traditional car and the wheelchair van under medical expenses when you file your income tax report.

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What’s The Most Important Features for a Wheelchair Van?

While the best wheelchair van options might come with a whole load of exciting features, when it comes to finding a van that will work for you, it’s important that you invest in something that at least has the most important basics covered. These include the lowered floor – which allows the wheelchair user to remain in their seat while being transported, as well as a ramp.

How Do I Choose the Right Size Vehicle?

Before making a purchase, you need to ensure that you’ll fit comfortably within the van. Not all wheelchairs are manufactured to be of the same size, so make sure you measure the wheelchair – with yourself in it – so that you can invest in a van that will be comfortable from the get go.

Which Wheelchair Van Offers The Most Maneuverability?

Being able to move around within the van as a wheelchair user is very important and this is something that has been carefully considered by Honda. The Honda Pilot is a wheelchair accessible SUV that offers both style and space, as well as room for the wheelchair user to maneuver within the vehicle. It comes with the in-floor ramp and a removable passenger seat.

Can I Order a Wheelchair Van Direct from the Dealer?

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If you’d rather order your wheelchair van directly from a dealer, rather than looking at getting an existing van modified, the Honda Odyssey might be the perfect option for you. This van comes with a ramp that can lift up to 1,000 pounds, which means that it will be able to lift even a heavy power chair. What is more, it comes with a lift or ramp that can fit within the van’s existing van door – so your van won’t look any different when compared with your neighbors.

Is There a Cost Effective Option?

For those who want to look for the most cost effective option on the market, without compromising on quality, the Dodge Caravan is one of the most popular wheelchair conversion options out there. The starting price on this van is around $26,500 and it offers a lot of space, as well as a rear-loading lift option.

What Is the Best Option for a Wheelchair User to Drive?

If you’re looking to drive the best wheelchair van as a wheelchair user, you might want to consider the GMC Yukon XL. This is a fairly large van that can be converted with a lift to allow access to the driver’s seat. Once seated comfortably, the driver can rest assured that there will be loads of space at the back of the vehicle for passengers, groceries and much more.

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