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The Amazing 2022 Volkswagen Models!

The Amazing 2022 Volkswagen Models!

If you’re a fan of Volkswagen, you won’t want to miss out on the 2022 Volkswagen models. The new lineup have finally arrived and they have been carefully designed to cater to all types of clients, including larger families, executives and those who are seeking out adventure in the wild.

For those who have enjoyed some of Volkswagen’s more popular models, the good news is that many of these have been updated, so they keep getting better and better. Whether you are looking for reliability or the most up-to-date in gadgets, Volkswagen has you covered. Simply read our handy guide of questions and answers to make the best decision.

What’s The Best 2020 Volkswagen Models?

The most popular Volkswagen Lineup leading into 2020 must be the Volkswagen Atlas, which is one of the larger SUV’s in the range. It made record breaking sales for the company already and it set to continue to astound well into 2020.

What’s the Best Hatchback in the Range?

The 2020 Golf Mark 8 has been set to hit the market in 2020. It is first going to be introduced to Europe and then into the States. While it’s expected to keep the standard MQB platform, it also said to incorporate some of the previous generations’ designs. It is also believed that the interior is going to get a luxury overall, with pricing on the model to start at around $21,000.

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What if I Want a Sporty SUV?

If you are looking for something a little sportier, you might want to consider the Atlas Cross Sport, which is an exciting new addition to the 2020 Volkswagen Lineup.

It’s 7.5 inches shorter than the SUV, as well as 2.3 inches lower, all the while maintaining the 117.3 inch wheelbase, so you won’t have to worry about the handling on this car – you know it will have your back on the roads. While you might not be able to haul a whole lot of cargo within it, it still offers a generous amount of passenger space so you can enjoy it on your own or as part of a family.

What’s The Current Deal on the 2020 Jetta?

If you are looking for a compact sedan, you might not need look any further than the 2020 Jetta which boasts a modular MQB, is fuel efficient and very affordable, with entry level models starting at just below $19,000. It will be hard to find a better price at your local Honda or Toyota dealerships.

Not only is the price great, but all the models come with the Apple and Android integration. If you want to pay for a few handy extras, you can get blind-spot monitors, automatic emergency breaking and read cross-traffic alerts for an additional $450.

What’s a Good Deal for an Entry Level Sedan?

The sedan isn’t as popular as it used to be. As the sleek and spacious SUV’s take over the market, the classic sedan has been somewhat left behind, but for those who appreciate this classic family car, the 2020 Arteon might be the perfect choice from the exciting 2020 Volkswagen Lineup.

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Not only does this sedan boast some of the best design features on the market, but even the entry level models exude luxury. You can get your hands on one of these models for just below $37,000, but if you’re interested in adding in some of the extras, expect to pay around $46,000.

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