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The Fabulous 2022 Audi Models!

The Fabulous 2022 Audi Models!

The 2022 Audi models offer a lot of thrilling models for those who are both fans of the make, as well as those who are interested in making their first purchase. Over the years, Audi has become well known as a make that focuses on luxury, style and performance and their 2022 lineup is no different.

Whether you are interested in a compact sedan or a full size SUV, the great news is that Audi has something to offer just about everyone. Not only that, but this year’s newest models have even more improved features to get excited about, including improved safety options, as well as thrilling technological advancements.
If you’re seeking out one of the best Audi models this year, we have compiled a list to help you navigate all the latest and greatest additions to the market, from the super performing R8 to the stylish RS5.

What Does the R8 Have to Offer?

While they have yet to step down from so many top 10 lists, the R8 in its Spyder and Coupe versions are set to receive an overhaul in 220 and will likely continue to be making waves on the market, especially as there is talk of numerous improvements being made.

Firstly, the rear and front ends are set to be made over, along with the V10 engine. The starting price on this model will be at least $170,000. If you’re looking for the performance option, you can expect to pay at least $200,000.

Why Choose the e-tron GT?

The sedan might have taken a backseat to the SUV in recent years, but some makes are still as popular as ever and the e-tron GT proves just that. The e-tron already has an SUV version, and so this is the company’s chance to set their focus on the sedan. To ensure it has a place on the market, the company is looking at concentrating on performance.

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How Much Will the S3 Cost?

The S3 is the next-gen Audi model and will share a lot of features with the VW Golf. The S3 is a 2.0L turbocharged vehicle with a 4-cylinder engine. You can expect to pay about $45,000 for the standard version of this vehicle. For this price, you can expect 280 pound-feet of torque, as well as an estimated 350 horsepower.

What Can We Expect from the Q3?

Audi is looking at overhauling their smaller crossover vehicle and there are plans to scale down their Q5. One of the best things about the compact Q5 is that it’s going for around $40,000. If you’re interested in the RS Q3, however, you will need to expect to pay just over $50,000 for the basic vehicle, before additional extras.

You can also expect a sportier suspension and larger brakes – which will come in handy with the 367 horsepower this car has to offer. In the event the company utilizes the upgraded version of the engine, you can expect to see the latest Q3 offering as much as 400 horsepower.

What Engines will be Offered with the Performance Version of the RS7?

The 2022 Audi Lineup will feature the RS7 with both the regular and the performance versions. The latter will boast the Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid electric motor, including the battery back. Expect to pay around $114,000 for the base model and around $131,000 for the performance versions.

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