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Spoil Your Best Friend With These Pet Gadgets

Spoil Your Best Friend With These Pet Gadgets

If you’re like most pet owners, there are likely few things you wouldn’t do for your furry friend. While pet ownership can be a joy, it can also be really hard work. Thankfully, the rise of smart pet gadgets is changing just about every aspect of our lives, including the way we care for our animals.

Taking care of your pet has never been so easy – you simply need to know which gadgets will do the trick. Luckily for you, we’ve made sure that you know which gadgets you simply can’t do without by compiling a list of the most modern and most exciting pet gadgets that have just been introduced to the market.

Whether you are looking for a comfy bed for your pooch to dream away in, or you’re looking at ways to make litter cleaning just that little bit easier, we have something for everyone.

Say “Hello” To Your Pet! How Does The PetChatz Camera Work?

Let’s face it, there are few better ways to spend your day than staring lovingly at your pup, but this is not always possible – at least not if you want to keep your full time job. If early retirement is simply not an option, you can always look at investing in PetChatz’s Two-Way Video Camera and treat dispenser. Yes, that’s right – you won’t only get to say hello to your adorable little friend but you can also give him a treat whenever you feel like it.

If you think that is really exciting, you might be even more thrilled to learn that the PawCall option actually lets your pet alert you at the very moment they want you to check in with them.

How Much is the PetChatz Two-Way Video Camera?

You can get this camera – without the PawCall – for $319.99. While that might seem a little steep, keep in mind that it allows for 2-way communication with your beloved pet throughout the day. If you are looking for the PawCall option, you’ll need to spend an extra $79.99 for the privilege.

How Will My Dog Ring the Mighty Paw Dog Bell?

If your pooch enjoys the outdoors, you might have already found yourself waiting at the back door for your pet to finish exploring all the sights and sounds of the great backyard and no matter how much you love them, this can get somewhat tiresome, especially if you have things to do.

With the Might Paw bell, however, you don’t have to wait around – your pet is able to actually ring the bell when they are ready to return indoors. In order to do this, your pup will simply need to touch their nose to the doorbell and it will sound. You can also use it as a method for them to make you aware they’d like to go outdoors – it’s completely up to you! This bell comes at the reasonable price of $27.99.

Is Bathing My Pet Easier with the Aquapaw?

We all know that washing your dog can be a tricky situation, particularly if they’re not a fan of being washed. If you’re one of many pet owners struggling witht this, there is a device that can make this task all the easier.

The Aquapaw bathing tool is designed to slide onto your hand – after being attached to the shower head or hose – and this means that you can use your hands to lather the soap into your dog’s hair with the help of a steady stream of water.

You’ll pay about $24.95 for this handy pet bathing tool, however, this will depend on where you purchase it.

What Are the Camera Specs on Petcube Bites?

If you’re away from home and missing your furry friend, think about how much better you would feel if you could shower your beloved pet with treats. With the help of Petcube Bites, now you can.

This device comes with a 1080p HD camera that spans 138 degrees and allows you to not only monitor man’s best friend, but actually allows you to fling treats at them. You should expect to pay about $177.59 for this device.

How Can I Improve My Dog’s Health with the Exciting Fitbark 2?

Ever wonder whether your dog is getting enough exercise and sleep? With the amazing Fitbark 2, you can check up on the quality of sleep and exercise they are getting by monitoring it with the use of this device.

The device is connected to the app, which you can use to set specific activity goals – something that might be particularly important if you have an animal with specific needs. To make things all the more exciting, you can actually sync this device with your Apple Watch or Fitbit to ensure that it isn’t just your dog that is having all the fun. Expect to pay about $69.95 for this device.

How Many Cups of Food can the Petsafe Pet Feeder Store?

If you’re struggling to keep up with a very busy schedule, the last thing you’ll want to do is worry whether you’ve fed the dog or not. To ensure this never happens, it might be worth investing in the Petsafe Smart Automatic Pet Feeder.

This device can store as much as 24 measurements of food (semi-moist or dry) and you can program it to dispense as many as 12 feeds within a 24 hour period. You can also make use of the device’s Feed Now option that will immediately feed your pet. This item will set you back about $189.95.

How Does The BrilliantPad Pet Gadgets Keep Your Home Fresh?

The BrilliantPad is a self-cleaning dog training pad that actually dries out solids, as well as soaks up liquids, and then wraps up the waste. What is more, you can automate the entire process so that you don’t have to handle the waste yourself. You’ll have to pay about $149.99 for the self-cleaning pad.

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