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Everything You Need To Know About Arthritis Treatments

Everything You Need To Know About Arthritis Treatments

Most people think of arthritis as an issue that affects only the elderly, but this is certainly not the case. This is a fairly common condition that impacts people of all ages and depending on the severity, it can really affect a person’s quality of life.

If you’re one of those people who are struggling with the condition, it might be comforting to know that you aren’t alone – and that there are a range of arthritis treatments that could help you feeling better in next to no time at all.

Remember, it’s important that you consult with a medical professional if you believe that you might have arthritis – after all, getting a confirmation of your diagnosis will go a long way in helping you to identify the appropriate treatment options for your condition.

Once you’ve identified the issue, you can decide which treatments might be right for you, whether they are natural, chemical or surgery based. Simply read our handy guide of questions and answers to make the best decision.

What Is Arthritis?

Arthritis is the term used to describe a condition that impacts the joints, or the tissue in the surrounding areas of the joints, and there are literally more than a hundred different types.

Generally, this condition is associated with pain or stiffness around the joints. Keep in mind that some types not only affect the joints, but also the internal organs

What Are The Causes Of Arthritis?

Experts don’t know all of the causes of every type of arthritis, but they have identified a number of them. Gout, for example, is caused by the build-up of uric acid within the body.

Many other factors impact the development of arthritis, including your lifestyle, genetics and the environment. Even the weather can have an impact.

How Do Doctors Test For Arthritis?

There are a variety of tests that can be conducted to determine if a person has arthritis, including analysing blood, joint fluid and urine. To get at the joint fluid, the doctor will usually insert a needle into that area of the body to draw some out.
Furthermore, doctors can use a range of other tests to check for arthritis, including x-rays, CT and MRI scans, and ultrasounds.

Is There Arthritis Treatments Using Drugs?

Arthritis treatments that include medication will always be administered by a doctor, so if this is something that you’re interested in, it’s important that you make an appointment with your GP.

The specific type of drug that will be used to treat the problem will depend on which type of arthritis you have, among other factors. Some medications that are used to treat out, for example, include; Acetaminophen, Avinza and Embeda.

How Do You Treat Arthritis The Natural Way?

If you’re looking for natural remedies to treat arthritis, the good news is that there are a range of options available. It’s important to remember, however, that even these treatments should be used with the knowledge of your GP.
Some of the natural treatments for arthritis include adding more vitamins and minerals to your diet, such as Vitamin C, D and calcium. Other treatments, such as hydrotherapy, massage and acupuncture have also been known to be effective in both the short and long term.

Can You Have Too Many Vitamins?

Yes, you can have too many vitamins in your diet, so you need to make sure that you are regulating your intake of these supplements.

Can You Use Fish Oil To Treat Arthritis?

Yes, there are a variety of components within fish oil that help to alleviate the pain associated with arthritis. Omega-3, in particular, is known to block prostaglandins and cytokines, which have been known to cause inflammation.

How Do You Treat Arthritis With Surgery?

There are a wide range of joint surgeries that are used as arthritis treatments and the one that’s best for you will depend on what the issue is, as well as where the problem is. Surgeries tend to fall into the category of joint replacements, revision and resurfacing.

Due to the complexity of these options, it is important that you discuss them with a medical professional, not only to determine which treatments are right for your problem, but also to determine whether you are eligible for a surgery. Factors such as your health, weight, age and medical history will go a long way in determining whether you are able to undergo surgery at all.

How Do You Manage Pain Associated with Arthritis?

One of the most important facets of dealing with arthritis is managing the pain associated with this condition. Those struggling with it will need to explore the options available to them and decide what’s right for them.

Options such as pain killers – both chemical and natural – as well as exercise and even wearing the right clothing, are all helpful ways of managing this condition.

Is Arthritis Just A Physical Problem?

Dealing with chronic pain can quickly become a psychological issue, as well as a physical one, which is why it is important for you to focus on your emotional and psychological wellbeing, as it is your physical wellbeing.

You can utilize helpful techniques such as meditation, grounding and even support from family and friends to help you in dealing with the pain associated with this condition.

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