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How to cut cable TV cost with the best online streaming services

How to cut cable TV cost with the best online streaming services

These days, you can get just about everything over the internet – from shoes to television, nothing is outside our grasp, and yet there are still so many people catching all of their favourite shows from outdated cable services. If you haven’t made the switch over the streaming services just yet, here’s why you should be doing just that.

How much is cable streaming?

According to recent research, the average US family will spend about $100 every month on cable television. While most families will admit that this isn’t exactly a cost-effective entertainment option, what other choice do they have when it comes to catching up on all their favourite shows?

The good news is that cable streaming packages cost on average about $45 each month – that’s less than half what it would cost to remain on cable. The best news of all is that with streaming, you aren’t tied down to contracts, which make these plans all the more appealing.

What does Hulu Live TV offer?

If you simply must have access to some of the most popular networks on television, including Fox, ABC and CBS, you’ll want to consider Hulu Live TV. This type of streaming service starts at just under $35 per month and boasts a wide range of local channels, as well as on demand programming. Keep in mind that there are various packages available when you opt for Hulu, including a $59.99 for those who don’t want to sit through advertisements when enjoying their favourite shows.

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For those looking to add premium channels onto their account, they should expect to pay between $8.99 and $14.99 for each of them. This can quickly add up so it pays to be selective.

Do you need a PlayStation to watch PlayStation VUE?

No, you don’t – you can watch PlayStation VUE on a range of devices, including Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV. This service costs $44.99 for their basic service which includes over 50 live television channels.

For those who want to have sporting channels included in their package, they will need to pay for the Core Slim Bundle, which costs $49.99 and will give viewers access to a wide range of sporting channels, including BTN and the NFL Network. If you want to stick to regional sporting options, you can pay an extra $10 for this add-on. 

Which packages are on offer from Sling TV?

There are currently two different packages available from Sling TV – the Orange and Blue packages. The Blue package allows viewers to stream NBC and Fox-owned channels. You’ll pay $25 for this package. When you upgrade to the Orange package, you’ll pay the same amount but you’ll have access to only Disney channels. Those who want access to both options can combine them for $40 each month.

If you’re interested in a DVR capability, Sling boasts a Cloud-based alternative for $5 each month. You’ll get up to 50 hours of storage and you’ll never have to worry about it expiring. You’ll need to check with the company before signing up for this option as it isn’t available on every device. 

Which streaming service offers local channels live?

If you never want to miss out on live happenings, you’ll want to invest in a streaming service that offers this type of service and DirecTV Now happens to fall into this category. They boast a wide range of local channels through AT&T, allowing you to watch your local news no matter where you are in the world.

What packages are on offer with DirecTV Now?

When it comes to selecting a streaming service from this competitor, you’ll have the option of choosing from among four different packages, all tiered. The first starts at $40 a month and boasts 50 channels. The top tier adds another 50 channels to the basic package, making it all the more exciting.

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Does DirecTV offer DVR?

Yes, and you’ll be happy to know that it comes with every level of package on offer. When you sign up with DirecTV, you’ll get no less than 20 hours of recording time, along with the ability to stream to two devices at the same time. You can add channels such as HBO and Cinemax to your package for as little as $5 each. The latter offer is particularly exciting because it’s the cheapest HBO offer on the streaming market at the minute.

How many channels does Fubo TV offer?

You will get as many as 70 channels when you sign up or Fubo TV’s live streaming service, and you’ll benefit from their Cloud DVR regardless of the package you choose. You can expect to pay $44.99 for one of their basic packages, but you can also opt for a second-tier package that will provide you with channels like the DIY network, BBC World and Hallmark Drama.

What is the most cost effective streaming option?

The cheapest streaming option will change depending on the type of service and package you choose, but one of the most consistently low-cost options is Philo, a service with a basic package starting at only $16 a month. They don’t offer some of the more expensive channels, such as sporting, so make sure that you’re aware of the types of channels you’ll have access to.

If you’re only interested in entertainment and lifestyle, you’ll certainly have come to the right place as they boast 37 different channels, including MTV Live and the Cooking Channel. The Cloud DVR option boasts unlimited storage but you’ll only have 30 days to watch whatever you have recorded. One of the best things about Philo is that you have the option of streaming to three separate devices, making it a great option for larger families.

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