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Make Potty Training A Success With Bedwetting Alarms

Make Potty Training A Success With Bedwetting Alarms

Potty training can be a stressful time for any parent and it can help to have all the support you can get your hands on. While most kids find it a challenge to stay dry throughout the day, it can be even harder to stay dry at night, especially when they’re just starting their potty training. Luckily for you (and your little one), there are some great devices on the market that can help with this big step in all your lives and bedwetting alarms are one of them.

These alarms are designed to alert a child when they are wetting the bed so that they wake up and empty their bladder in the toilet, rather than soaking their bed.

This is not only a great training aid, but it also helps to protect the beds themselves. This alone makes them more than worth the investment. Simply read our handy guide of questions and answers to make the best decision.

How Do Bedwetting Alarms Work?

The system behind the bedwetting alarm is a very simple one – when the device detects moisture, it sounds and this sound wakes the child. At the start, the parent will wake too and this allows them to take their child directly to the bathroom in order to use the toilet.

The important thing to remember with this tool – as with any other teaching tool – is that you need to be consistent. You need to make sure that the child associates urinating with being on the toilet and the only way to do that is to see it through every time. Over time, the child’s brain will connect the feeling of needing to urinate with being woken up and they will then start to wake up naturally.

Is It Just For Potty Training?

No, these alarms can be great aids for tweens who have sensory issues that prevent them from waking up when they need to go to the toilet.

Why Are Bedwetting Alarms Healthier Options Than Alternatives?

One of the alternatives to bedwetting alarms are medications and these don’t always work.

While medications might have their place in helping your child gain control of their bladder (as in instances where there is a medical issue at play), in most cases, a parent will be able to help their child navigate their way to waking up dry without the use of medications.

Is The New DryEasy Plus A Wireless System?

Yes, you likely don’t want to risk having your child wrap themselves up in a bedwetting alarm chord and so the wireless New DryEasy Plus is a great option for concerned parents.

Presently, this product is available from Amazon at just below $60, which means you can start your journey to dry nights without spending a fortune for the privilege.

What If My Child Sleeps Through Alarms?

If your child doesn’t wake up at the sound of an alarm, you might want to consider the Wet-Stop 3, which actually vibrates, as well as sounds. This means that if the alarm doesn’t wake your little one, the movement and sound combination likely will.

What makes this alarm all the more appealing is that it comes at the fabulous price of $27.99. This makes it pretty hard to beat.

What If My Child Doesn’t Wake With Vibration And Sound?

If your little one is a really sound sleeper, the Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm is the next step up and not only boasts sound and vibration, but light too! What is more, you can choose from among 8 different tones for the alarm, so you can change it up in the event your child becomes accustomed to it.

The fun and exciting colours make this a great tool to help your child make that next big step on the road to independence. This one retails at $119.97, making it a slightly costlier – though worthwhile – option on the market.

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