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Does Sleep Trackers Assist Getting The Best Sleep Quality?

Does Sleep Trackers Assist Getting The Best Sleep Quality?

If you’re the type of person who always wakes up after 7 hours of sleep, still exhausted and ready for a nap, you’re not alone – many people struggle with this issue. No one struggles with this issue more than parents, who are already likely struggling with trying keep on top of things.

If you’re wondering why you’re still tired, even with a full night’s sleep, it might be worthwhile getting hold of one of the quality sleep trackers on the market.

These devices not only allow you to track the amount of sleep you, but they allow you a closer look at the quality of sleep you’re getting – after all, if your sleep quality isn’t great, the amount of sleep you get will likely not matter.

How is Sleep Quality Different from the Amount of Sleep I Get?

The amount of sleep you get is basically the time between you falling asleep and waking up, but sleep quality is about so much more than this. Sleep quality is about how refreshed you feel when you wake up and this depends on things such as being able to fall asleep, how long you stay asleep for and how long this sleep lasts.

If your sleep quality is poor, it doesn’t matter how long you stay in bed, you’ll likely not feel very refreshed.

What Impacts Sleep Quality?

There are a variety of factors that impact your quality of sleep, including noise, temperature and lights. All of these factors have the ability to wake you during the night, or to disturb the level of sleep that you get.

You might not even be aware that you are stirring throughout the night, but if you are constantly being disturbed, your brain waves might not be able to reach deep enough levels to be considered deep and restful sleep.

What are Sleep Trackers?

Sleep trackers are designed to monitor the quality of sleep and they do this in a variety of ways. Some of them measure heart rate, while others measure electrical activity in the brain.

Usually, they are meant to record how long you maintain your sleep. In some instances, the more complex devices are able to distinguish between deep sleep and waking.

What Forms do Trackers Take?

Sleep trackers take different forms and they include apps, monitors that fit around your wrist and other wearable’s.

Those devices that record electrical activity in the brain are usually worn around the head, while those that measure heart rate can be placed around the wrist.

How Much Does the Fitbit Versa Cost?

The Fitbit Versa currently costs about $159.99 from Amazon. This is not only an activity tracker but it also tracks sleep and this makes it all the more popular. In fact, these are currently the most popular fitness trackers on the market and one of the reasons for this is that the Fitbit actually tracks different stages of sleep, including light, deep and REM sleep.

It does this by monitoring the combination of heart rate and movement patterns. Using the first night’s data as the baseline, it will then begin to track your sleep, letting you know when you’ve had a better night’s sleep and when you’re sleep has been of a poorer quality. Of course, it’s up to you to assess why your sleep has improved or not. Lastly, the Fitbit is also able to count steps, calories burned and the distance you’ve travelled.

Is There a Sleep Tracker that you Don’t Wear?

If you’re not a fan of wearing one of the many sleep trackers on the market, you might want to opt for the Withings Sleep Tracking Pad, which you can get for about $99.95. This tracker is placed under the mattress and it is from here that it monitors sleep interruptions, sleep cycles and even snoring.

You’ll get a sleep score after each night, as well as report that includes your sleep duration, bedtime consistency and how long it took you to fall asleep. While there is a question about whether it’s as accurate as the Fitbit, it’s a great option for those who don’t want to go to sleep with something around their wrist.

Is there a Sleep Tracker for Two People?

The Beautyrest Sleeptracker monitor is meant for two people and is also placed under your mattress in the same way as the Withings Sleep Tracking Pad.

The difference is that this product tracks two people’s sleep, instead of just one. Using the app, you can have sleep quality reports sent directly to your smartphone. One of the most exciting things about this product is that you can even get sleep coaching when you sign up for the $30 subscription each month.

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