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8 Healthy Life Gadgets You Can’t Do Without!

8 Healthy Life Gadgets You Can’t Do Without!

In this day and age, you don’t have any excuses not to be in the best possible shape because fitness is being made easier every day. Technology is taking all of the hard work out of getting fit and if you want to take things one step further, you might be interested in reading about the eight healthy life gadgets that will completely revolutionize the way you care for yourself.

These gadgets have been especially designed to help you to care for just about every facet of your wellbeing – or at least give you a really good head start, and so they are more than worth the investment.

If you’re wondering what these gadgets can do for you, simply take some time to go through our handy list of questions and answers to find out more.

How Does the Hapifork Smart Fork Improve My Eating Habits?

If you’re struggling to cut down on unhealthy eating patterns, the Hapifork might be just what you’ve been looking for. This device actually tracks arm movements to measure how much you are eating, as well as tracking how much time passes between every bite.

With these measurements, you can actually improve your overall eating habits and ensure that you benefit from better digestion and a more enjoyable eating experience.

Can The Smart Sleeping Mask Help Me To Sleep Better?

Yes, if you’re one of the many people who struggle with insomnia, the Smart Sleeping Mask can actually help you to improve your sleep through a variety of ways.

Firstly, the mask will play soothing music that will help you slowly begin to drift to sleep, getting lower as you begin to drift off. It will then start to play music again as you wake. This allows you to drift off – and wake up – in a more relaxing and peaceful manner.

How Does the Atmotube Air Quality Assist With Allergies?

This portable device actually allows you to test the air around you so that you can see whether it is healthy or unhealthy. The device will look at certain harmful gases within the air, as well as humidity and temperature changes, which can come in handy for those struggling with allergies.

How Much Water Can the SteriPEN Water Purifier Purify?

You can purify up to 13 gallons of water per minute with the SteriPEN Water Purifier. This device utilizes ultraviolet rays to tackle bacteria and viruses within the water, killing as much as 99,9% of them.

What is Measured with the Picooc Smart Scale?

The Picooc Smart Scale goes by that name because it measures just about everything you might be interested in knowing about your body, including your weight, BMI, muscle, basal metabolic rate, protein levels, body moisture, bone weight and your body age.

Facets such as bone weight is an especially important measurement for women to be aware of as they are more likely to develop issues with bone density as they grow older. What is more, this is one of the more affordable scales on the market, being offered for only $59.98 through Amazon.

Can I Track My Heart Rate with the Polar OH1 Heart Rate Sensor?

Yes, you can track your heart rate data as you go about your day by simply strapping the device to your shoulder and then forgetting it is there.

The great news about this handy device is that it is actually waterproof, so you can even use it while engaging in activities like swimming. This product is ideal for anyone who wants to keep an eye on their heart rate while they are active.

How Does the Tinké Pulse Sensor Work?

The Tinké Pulse Sensor is a device that actually allows you to track a variety of important functions within the body, namely the amount of oxygen you have within your blood stream, your respiratory rhythm (your breathing rate) and your heart rate.

These are some of the most important indicators of wellbeing and you can get an accurate reading just by placing your finger on the sensor. This makes tracking your current physical health so much easier, whether you have a medical condition that you are concerned about or not.

Does Kolibree Toothbrush Improve Oral Hygiene?

Brushing teeth is something that most people do every time, but did you know that there is a strong likelihood that you might not be doing it properly?

The Kolibree toothbrush is a device that actually analyses how well you brush your teeth and then sends this data to your phone. Using this information, it helps you to improve your oral hygiene by recommending how often you should brush and which zones you need to focus on more.

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