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Do You Need To Get Your Hands On The New Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Do You Need To Get Your Hands On The New Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Samsung has always been known for producing top quality technology, but in recent years, it has had to fight hard to remain top of the class, especially with competitors such as Apple cornering the market on the smart watch.

This year, Samsung have decided to kick it up a notch by introducing the new Samsung Galaxy Watch, which might look like its counterparts, but is now slimmer and bursting at the seams with innovative tech.

Not only that, but careful consideration has gone into the ability of the user to personalize their watch – something that is currently at the forefront of the minds of the geniuses over at Apple.

If you’re looking to choose between the Apple and Android smart watches, you might want to take some time to read through our handy list of questions and answers that just might make this decision a lot whole simpler for you.

What Does the Samsung Galaxy Watch Look Like?

When it comes to the look and feel of this watch, you can rest assured it has the appearance of high quality. The watch comes with a round, stainless steel case, as well as a stylized bezel that actually rotates, making it easier to navigate.

What is more, customers will likely enjoy the haptic buzzing that gives the user a much more tactile feel as they search through the menus on the watch.

How Big is the Watch?

These watches can be found in two different sizes; the 42mm and the 46mm watches. The best option for you will usually depend on your personal preferences, as well as the size of your wrist.

It’s usually a good idea to try the watches on before making a decision so that you can rest assured you are comfortable with both the size and the weight.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

The 46mm watch has a battery that will last around four days, depending on the features being used, and this makes it really appealing. This is really impressive when compared with the Apple smart watch, which tends to last about a day before you need to start looking at charging it again.

Samsung are known for the endurance of their batteries, however, so if this is important to you, this watch is definitely worth considering. Keep in mind that the smaller watch – which is 42mm in size – will usually last up to about three days.

What Colors Can I Choose From?

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch is available in a few different colors, including Rose Gold, Midnight Black and Silver. Keep in mind that each watch color will come at a different cost.

The Midnight Black, for example, will cost you around $329, while the Silver will set you back about $349. When it comes to personalizing your watch, you can take it one step further by choosing an exciting strap color, including Onyx Black, Basalt Grey and Deep Ocean Blue. Keep in mind that certain strap colors are only available with certain watch colors. The colors listed above, for example, are all available with the silver and black watch.

What Can I Expect from the Display?

A display is likely one of the most important facets on any watch and Samsung Galaxy watch does not disappoint. The 42mm watch comes with a 1.2 inch display and offers adaptive brightness technology.

What is more, the rotating bezel actually increases the durability of the watch – something that you’ll be grateful for in the event that you enjoy exercising with your watch.

Does it Track your Sleep?

Yes, this watch comes with a wide range of sleep tracking abilities, including allowing you to track how many hours of undisturbed sleep you have had.

In this day and age, this sort of technology is increasingly important as more people begin to understand the important that sleep can play in our day to day lives.

How Does it Help with Fitness?

There are a total of six auto-tracked exercises, and up to 39 total exercises that can be tracked with this watch, including but not limited to; cycling, walking, running and swimming.

This makes it a great accessory for any fitness enthusiast. The fact that the watch now auto-tracks certain workouts means that it will start counting steps, distance and calories burned even when you forget to turn this on.

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