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Why Is Everyone Talking About The Samsung Galaxy Fold?

Why Is Everyone Talking About The Samsung Galaxy Fold?

Samsung is known for its top quality products for good reason – they are often ahead of the game when it comes to innovation and design and the latest addition to their product line is no different. The Samsung Galaxy Fold that has looked at combining the best in portability with the benefits of a tablet, making it as unique as it is appealing.

While most people within the industry didn’t feel that this combination could work, Samsung has surprised everyone by not only producing a mobile device that does, but by offering one that is actually appealing enough to convince a large portion of the market to make the worthwhile investment into this product.

Before you make the investment, why not read through our handy FAQ guide on the new Samsung Galaxy Fold to see what it has to offer you.

What is the Size of the Samsung Galaxy Fold?

Due to the fact that this phone folds, it actually boasts two different sizes. When folded, the phone boasts a 4.6-inch screen, but it actually folds out into a 7.3-inch mini-tablet and this is one of the many things that made it all the more appealing.

What Makes the Tablet View So Appealing?

With a larger screen, you can get more done and in a world where multi-tasking is the only real way to get things done, having the option to so this on your phone is a real benefit. The easier it is to navigate multiple apps, the faster you’ll be able to get things done and this is why most people are calling folding phones the wave of the future.

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What is more, having the option to fold the phone out into a mini-tablet while ensuring that you can fold it back down into a small phone means that you can carry it everywhere you’d take any other phone.

Is It Durable?

Previously, the folding phones were known to be less durable as they had weak points that would often cause them to snap. Samsung has worked hard to reinforce those points on their Galaxy Fold so it’s much more durable than before.

In order to make the foldable design work, Samsung utilized a dual-axis locking hinge than will prevent the display from overextending, limiting it to a 180-degree extension. The smooth motion with which it opens and closed has been praised by users.

What Camera Does it Offer?

When it comes to smartphones, the camera is an all-important quality and it’s clear that Samsung have thought this through. With the Galaxy Fold, you’ll get the same camera as on the Galaxy S10 Plus, which is more than enough for anyone who is looking to take professional looking pictures on the weekends without investing a ton of money into a smartphone with a camera focus.

With this phone, you’ll be getting your hands on a cover display camera, three rear cameras and two inner front cameras. You’ll also be getting your hands on some really fun filters.

What is the Battery Like on the Galaxy Fold?

You’ll be getting a 4,380 mAh batter with this phone, which also happens to be the largest within the Samsung line.

The battery life will depend on how you use the phone, but keep in mind that by opening the big screen, you’ll end up using more of the battery than if you stuck to the small screen.

How Much will it Cost?

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Right not, you can expect to pay about $1,980 for the Samsung Galaxy Fold. This is quite a bit more than the iPhone 11 Pro, but for those who are looking for something innovative and unique, it is certainly worth the investment.

When purchasing the phone, you can choose to get it directly through Samsung, exclusive carriers such as AT&T or local stores such as Best Buy.

What Colors Can I Opt For?

Everyone knows that a phone’s color options are some of the most appealing facets when it comes to picking a new one.

When you opt for Samsung’s new folding phone, you can pick from Space Silver or Cosmos Black. Keep in mind that the Astro Blue and the Martian Green are no longer available.

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