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Planning An Exclusive Private Island Cruise?

Planning An Exclusive Private Island Cruise?

There is nothing quite as luxurious as spending a holiday on a private island, but unfortunately you never quite know what you’re getting when you book an adventure to one of these destinations.

If you want to experience a holiday in the same way as the rich and famous, you might be happy to know that there are actually a wide range of high quality private island cruise, so you don’t need to be one of the 1% to be able to experience this.

Before you book your next holiday, you might want to have a look through our list of questions and answers that will help you book a luxury trip that you’ll remember for many years to come. Keep in mind that each package will offer something different so it’s best that you keep your own preferences in mind when making a decision.

What Is On Offer At CocoCay Private Island Cruise?

CocoCay is one of the most magnificent islands within the Bahamas, so it’s no surprise that more and more people are booking cruises to this part of the world. This island can only be reached by the Royal Caribbean cruise ships, so you’ll need to book your vacation through them if this is your intended holiday destination. When arriving at this island’s sun-kissed shores, you’ll find a 135-foot water slide, called Daredevils Peak, as well as a range of stunning natural features.

It is hear that you’ll find the largest freshwater pool in all of the Bahamas. If you are looking for a romantic experience for the adventurous at heart, the island also boasts a tethered balloon, from which you’ll be able to see miles in front of you on a calm, clear day.

man standing on white and blue rock formation near body of water during daytime

How Many Guests Can Visit CocoCay?

Up to as many as 8,000 guests are able to visit this island at any given time, so you can rest assured that you won’t have to wait in lines when you’re looking to take advantage of everything it has to offer.

Not only that, but you can also expect to come across clean bathrooms, phenomenal food and great Wi-Fi, which is a true benefit on an island as isolated as this.

What Can You Do On Half Moon Cay?

When visiting Half Moon Cay, the first thing that will likely capture your attention is the clear, emerald water, so it should come as no surprise that one of the most popular activities on the island is snorkeling. It is here, within these waters, that you’ll come into contact with the island’s native stingrays, which are a treat for animal lovers.

Out of the water, you might find that a ride on horseback is just the activity on which to end the day. This island is visited by Carnival and Holland America ships.

Which Characters Can You Meet On The Castaway Cay?

You might not expect to spend time with Lilo and Stitch, or even Mickey Mouse when you visit a private island, but when you visit Castaway Cay with Disney, you’ll be able to do just that.

It’s not only the characters that will pique your interest, but also the great snorkeling opportunities, which include a snorkel trail that emulates a Disney attraction, complete with sunken submarine. For those wanting to spend some time away from the children, there is an adult-only beach available to you that comes complete with supervised childcare.

What Adventures Are On Offer At Labadee?

If you’re an adventurer at heart, you might be surprised to find that Haiti is the perfect destination for you.

When you visit Labadee via Royal Caribbean, you’ll not only get to take advantage of the pristine beaches and stunning, leafy jungles that this island has to offer, but you’ll also get to experience a heart racing 3-mph roller coaster, a zip line tour over the waters and a climb among the icebergs located within Arawak Aqua Park. At the end of every day, you can relax on your very own beach bungalow, which is set against the backdrop of none other than Nellie’s Beach.

How Big Is Stirrup Cay?

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Stirrup Cay, located in the Bahamas, consists of 250 acres of land and continues to be one of the most popular destinations of Norwegian Cruise Line. It is perhaps the great snorkeling opportunities that continue to attract droves of private island enthusiasts to its shores.

Boasting exciting opportunities to snorkel with stingrays and tropical fish, you’ll find that this is the answer to every ocean-lover’s dream. When booking the exclusive lagoon retreat, you’ll find that you get to enjoy not only a secluded beach, but also family-friendly swimming areas and exclusive restaurants.

What Cruise Offers The Best Party?

If you’re looking for a great party – and let’s face it, there’s no party like a private island party – then you might want to consider Princess Cays with Princess Cruises.

Here in the Bahamas, you’ll find yourself attending private parties on some of the most beautiful, unspoiled beaches in the world. You’ll get to enjoy time on glass-bottom boat tours, while you dream of burying your feet in the white sands of this unforgettable island destination. Once your head clears and you look to enjoy some of the more heart racing activities that the island has to offer, the kayak tours might be just the thing you have been looking for.

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