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Planning Your Next Adventure? It’s Necessary To Know About Travel Insurance Before!

Planning Your Next Adventure? It’s Necessary To Know About Travel Insurance Before!

Traveling can be both exciting and educational, and there is nothing quite like setting off onto a thrilling new adventure. It’s important to remember, however, that while you’re planning all the sights you’re going to see, you need to consider getting insurance that will have you covered no matter where you choose to roam.

Anything can happen when you’re abroad – you might find that you get ill or that a flight or accommodation gets cancelled – and when this happens, you don’t want to be left floundering. Knowing you have the right insurance ensures that you will be able to focus on getting back on track in the event something does go wrong, and this type of peace of mind is just about priceless. Before you choose your travel insurance, it might be helpful for you to read our questions and answers to help you decide which company – and policy – will suit your needs.

Is Travel Insurance Necessary?

While not everyone opts for travel insurance when they leave home, this could be a big mistake. In some instances, certain countries won’t allow you into their borders without travel insurance, and in those instances where this isn’t an issue for their border control, if something goes wrong, you could find yourself in a dire financial situation without it.

Keep in mind that a medical evacuation could end up costing around $50,000 or even more, so you want to ensure that you are prepared for this in the event something goes wrong.

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What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

The range of incidents that your policy will cover will depend entirely on the type of policy you opt for. Some policies are only for medical insurance, while others will also pay out for loss of baggage or even the loss of travel related documents, such as passports.

The latter type of insurance will cover everything from attestation fees to photograph charges, so it is really worthwhile if you don’t want to be stuck in a foreign country without the necessary documentation to get home.

Is It Worth Getting A Multi-Trip Policy?

Multi-trip policies are better options for those who are frequent travelers. These sorts of policies are usually valid for up to one year and they cover travelers for a certain period of time – usually up to a limit of around 45 days. If you’re going to be staying in a country for a longer period than that, you’ll need to make sure you look at other options.

Why Do Premiums Change Depending On The Destination?

The cost of medical care will differ, depending on the country to which you are venturing. If you’re visiting a country with high medical costs, your insurance premiums will be higher. The types of risks you might face within a specific country will also make a huge difference – if you’re travelling to areas that are prone to natural disasters, you will find that this also increases your insurance premiums.

What Sort Of Plan Should I Look Out For At 65?

If you are 65 or over, you might want to look for travel insurance that is specifically aimed at senior citizens, especially since these will usually cover pre-existing conditions which are fairly common at this age. These types of policies might be a little more costly, but there are a range of companies that specialize in this type of insurance.

How Will Adventure Traveling Impact My Insurance?

Travel insurance will usually only cover very simple itineraries, including sightseeing. If you’re planning on having an adventure filled holiday that includes risky activities such as skydiving or water sports, you might want to consider more specialized insurance as most companies won’t cover you for these activities. Keep in mind that you’ll usually end up paying more for the privilege.

What Type Of Insurance Do You Get With American Express Platinum?

One of the best things about choosing the right credit card is that you could end up getting travel insurance as a standing perk. This is the case with the American Express Platinum card, which will cover your baggage in the event it is lost or stolen.

Should I Purchase Insurance From A Third Party Broker?

One of the biggest benefits of talking to a third party broker is the fact that they can offer you independent advice about the different types of policies on the market.

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There are a range of online companies that will compare the costs of different policies, making it easier to select the one that will suit your trip – and pocket – best. Examples of these types of companies include TripInsuranceStore.com and QuoteWright.com.

How Do I Know A Good Insurance Company When I See One?

The internet is a fantastic resource for comparing different types of travel insurance and this is because you can actually read reviews from individuals who have taken out policies with these companies and see how they’ve been treated.

It is hard for a bad insurance company to hide from its clients anymore thanks to the internet, but it’s up to you to make sure you don’t fall for their tricks by doing your homework.

When Should I Purchase Travel Insurance?

It’s generally best to buy travel insurance the same day that you book your trip and this is because of the pre-existing condition waver. While some insurance companies will give you 14 days after booking your trip to get your hands on this waver, others might only give you as much as 24 hours.

Should I Opt For Primary Or Secondary Coverage?

Before you choose between these two, you need to understand what they are and what they do for you. Primary insurance replaces your current medical insurance and when you’ve run out of travel insurance, the slack will then be picked up by your existing insurance. Should you pick secondary coverage, you’ll be using your existing insurance first, with your travel insurance coming into effect once that has been depleted.

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