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What Are The Benefits Of Kids Summer Camps?

What Are The Benefits Of Kids Summer Camps?

The summer is an exciting time for any child. It’s that time of the year where they free themselves from the confines of school, make new friends and learn new hobbies – and one of the most exciting ways to do these things is at summer camp.

Still, due to the costs associated with these getaways, many parents are still unsure whether the benefits of a kids summer camp outweigh the costs. If you’re unsure whether you should be sending your children to camp this summer, you might be glad to know that we’ve made that decision a whole lot easier by providing you with a list of questions and answers that will help guide you along the way.

You might be surprised to learn that these camps can offer your child some of the best experiences of their young lives and it won’t come at the cost you would expect it to.

Is Kids Summer Camp Affordable?

The cost is usually one of the biggest factors putting parents off sending their kids to camp, but the good news is that they don’t necessarily have to be all that expensive. Not only are there a variety of affordable camp options on the market, but there are also a wide variety of ways for you to get your hands on a discount when you make a booking of this kind.

The average cost of an ACA Accredited camp is about $315, however, there are many camps that start at around $100 per week. The amount you spend will depend on your budget, expectations and the type of financial support you sign up for.

What Is The Difference Between A Day Camp And A Resident Camp?

The difference between these two is evident in the names – those opting for the day camp will not stay overnight, while those within the resident camp will.

Keep in mind that some children (especially young children) aren’t ready for resident camps and so parents might find that a day camp suits them better until they are a little older. The day camps also tend to be somewhat cheaper as they don’t have to provide sleeping facilities for the children.

What Financial Support Can I Get For Kids Summer Camps?

The type of financial support you’ll receive when booking a camp will depend on what sort of organization or company is running it.

ACA Camps, for example, actually offer financial assistance to parents who are struggling in a financial sense. At present, more than 1 million children are benefiting from this assistance.

What Benefit Is There In Sending Siblings To The Same Camp?

Believe it or not, some camps will offer discounts for siblings attending the same camp, which makes it worth considering. Of course, the more children you end up sending to the camp, the more you’ll end up saving.

What Other Financial Aid Options Are Available?

There are a few different financial aid options available when it comes to enrolling in a kids summer camp. Some camps, for example, offer payment plans, which allow parents to reserve their child a spot with a small deposit, and then pay off the outstanding amount on a monthly basis.

Scholarships are another option for parents looking for support that will pay off either part or all of the costs. In order to find out whether your child is eligible for this, you simply need to ask the camp for their application forms.

What Makes Summer Camps More Dependable Than Traditional Child Care Options?

If you’re a working parent, you’ll probably know the frustrations that come with your childcare dropping you at the last minute. Whether it’s your babysitter calling in sick or a family member suddenly remembering they have a dentist’s appointment, at the end of the day it usually means you’re stuck trying to arrange last minute care so that you can rush off to work.

This can be very stressful and it’s one of the reasons summer camps are so popular – you can rest assured that your child will be in great hands while you focus on getting through your working day.

Who Will Look After My Child At Summer Camp?

The types of professionals hired at a summer camp will depend entirely on the camp itself, but usually you can expect a mixture of counselors, teachers and assistants that will help support the children as they tackle activities, making new friends and the challenges of childhood.

What Sorts Of Activities Will My Child Enjoy At Camp?

Some camps tend to specialize in certain activities, while others might be broader, but generally speaking, a camp will offer activities like swimming, horseback riding, camping, team building and even academic programs.

The overall aim of any camp is to teach children new skills, while allowing them the chance to engage with other children.

What Life Skills Can A Child Learn At Camp?

A kids summer camp is not just about learning how to make a fire or how to ride a horse – they tend to work on teaching children life skills too, such as how to be more independent.

Generally, children will spend a period of time away from their parents during camp, and it’s during this time that they will need to navigate the challenges they face without their guidance. This doesn’t mean that they’ll be without adult guidance – this will usually come in the form of the counselors.

How Do I Choose The Right Camp For My Child?

Choosing the right camp for your child can be tricky, but it helps to start out by considering your child’s interests and then searching your local area for camps that include these activities within their itineraries.

Some camps are themed, while others are simpler in their design. It can really help to have your child involved in the process of picking their own summer camp as this will ensure that they have some investment in the camp right from the start.

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