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Is Your Mattress Causing You Pain? 5 Mattresses for Back Pain Sufferers

Is Your Mattress Causing You Pain? 5 Mattresses for Back Pain Sufferers

If you wake up in the morning with back pain, you may be tempted to assume that it’s just part of getting older. But did you know that your mattress could be causing your back problems? A good night’s sleep can help reduce stress, boost energy levels, and improve mental acuity. While there are many things that can have an impact on our quality of sleep—stressors at work, snoring partners, or even too much alcohol before bedtime—the quality of your mattress may be one of them. And if yours isn’t providing adequate support for your body (which most mattresses don’t), then changing it could make a big difference when it comes to waking up without aches and pains.

Your mattress plays a bigger role in the health of your back than you may realize.

It is estimated that around 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lives. A good night’s sleep is essential for maintaining good health, but if you are one of those unlucky people who suffer from chronic lower back pain, getting a good night’s sleep might seem impossible. As it turns out, your mattress plays a bigger role in the health of your back than you may realize.

  • Your mattress should provide adequate support and comfort so that there are no pressure points causing undue stress on your spine.
  • The right pillow can help keep neck alignment correct while also providing additional support when lying down or sitting up in bed to read or watch television.

The best mattress for back pain is one that’s comfortable to sleep on and provides support.

The best mattress for back pain is one that’s comfortable to sleep on and provides support.

The second most important factor in mattress comfort is its firmness, but there are many different types of firmness. A soft mattress will have less support than a firmer one, which could cause aches and pains over time if used regularly. However, whether you like your bed on the soft or firm side depends largely on personal preference—which is why it’s important to try out a few different types before making your purchase! It may take some trial and error before you find one that feels just right for you—but don’t be afraid to experiment in the process!

1. Nectar

Nectar is a great choice for people who want a medium-firm mattress. This mattress has a poly foam core, breathable knit cover and is made in the USA. Nectar is an affordable option that has very few complaints about it not being comfortable enough or not lasting long enough. The only complaint we found was that some customers felt they needed to flip their Nectar more often than expected due to heat retention.

Nectar’s 365-day trial period makes it easy to try out the mattress before deciding if you like it enough to keep forever!

2. DreamCloud

If you’re looking for a mattress that’s not only comfortable but also made in the USA, DreamCloud is an excellent choice. The mattress is a combination of foam and latex, with the top layer consisting of 2 inches of memory foam and then an additional 6 inches of latex below that. This creates a soft surface on which to sleep while giving your body enough support to keep pain at bay. It also works well for side sleepers because it takes pressure off their shoulders and hips so they can sleep more comfortably.

3. Helix Mattress

  • Helix is a great mattress for back pain relief.

Helix is a hybrid mattress, meaning it has a foam layer, but also has a pocket coil system. This allows for all the benefits of memory foam (back pain relief) without sacrificing support from the coils. The result? You’ll sleep comfortably on your side or stomach without feeling like you’re sinking into your bed.

  • Helix is inexpensive compared to other mattresses in our list of best mattresses for people with back pain.

The average price of the Helix model we reviewed was $850 USD; this is significantly lower than many other models on this list, while still being high quality and offering great support for your body type and sleeping style

4. Purple

The Purple mattress is a great option for back pain sufferers. It features a patented hyper-elastic polymer that provides a comfortable and supportive sleep surface, which is perfect for those who struggle with pain or stiffness. If you’re a side sleeper, the Purple mattress will provide you with enough support to keep your spine aligned and in proper alignment as well. The Purple offers three firmness levels so you can choose the one that’s best for your body type and sleeping style: soft, medium, or firm.

5. GhostBed

GhostBed is a great option for people who have trouble getting comfortable. If you wake up feeling like you need to adjust your position in bed because it’s not quite right, then GhostBed may be the mattress for you.

GhostBed is also great for side sleepers, which makes it a good choice if that’s how you generally prefer to sleep. The foam layers are supportive enough to give back some shape and support but also soft enough so as not to feel too hard when lying on your side.

If overheating while sleeping is an issue, GhostBed might be worth looking into as well because of its breathable outer cover (which gives off heat) and gel memory foam layers (which help keep heat from building up). This combination means that GhostBed supports your body without trapping excess heat inside the pad itself—so no more tossing and turning all night long!

Don’t suffer in silence, get a good mattress!

You shouldn’t have to suffer in silence. If you think that your mattress is the cause of your back pain, look no further than this guide for help. We believe that a good night’s sleep is crucial to living an overall healthy lifestyle. We’re here to help you find the right mattress for your needs, and make sure it fits within your budget!

There are many different things that factor into whether or not your mattress is causing you pain. These include:

  • Your weight distribution on the bed
  • The type of sleeper (side or back)
  • How often you move during sleep


If your mattress is causing you pain, it’s time to get a new one. Now that we’ve covered all the best options for back pain sufferers, hopefully you’ll have an easier time finding one that works for you. If not… well then maybe it’s time to start looking at mattresses that don’t cause back pain in the first place!

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