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People Are Choosing These Fast & Affordable Online Degrees In 2022

People Are Choosing These Fast & Affordable Online Degrees In 2022

As the world becomes more globalized and connected, more people are gaining access to higher education. In fact, there are now more college graduates than ever before in history. However, not every degree is created equal—and some of them can be a waste of time and money. To help you navigate the sea of options out there, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite affordable degrees that are still growing in popularity among students today:

Human resources management degree

Human resources management is a field of study that focuses on developing and implementing human capital plans. Human capital plans are used to recruit, retain and develop employees in order to meet the organization’s goals. If you’re interested in advancing people’s careers and helping them grow professionally, this may be the career path for you.

The advantages of pursuing a human resources management degree include:

  • Flexible scheduling—Most online programs offer flexible class schedules that allow you to learn at your own pace. You can fit your classes around work or other obligations without having to worry about missing deadlines because your course materials will be available online at all times. This allows students with busy family or work lives access to higher education without sacrificing their personal responsibilities or paying exorbitant tuition fees associated with traditional universities.
  • Affordable tuition—By taking advantage of cost-effective options like online learning or part-time evening classes offered by local community colleges, students can reduce their overall cost of attaining an advanced degree while still receiving instruction from top professors who are experts in their fields of study (and who might even have had experience working as executives within Fortune 500 companies). This combination makes for a highly desirable educational program that provides graduates with both theoretical knowledge about various topics related to human resource management as well as practical skills needed when applying concepts learned during classroom sessions outside school hours–something not always possible when attending traditional brick-and-mortar institutions full time during daytime hours only.”

Marketing degree

Marketing is one of the most popular career choices for students. It’s a field that doesn’t require you to have a degree, but if you want to make yourself more competitive, an online marketing degree can help.

As an online student, you’ll have the flexibility to take classes in your free time and at your own pace. You can complete a marketing degree program in as little as one year, or spread out your coursework over several years.

Graphic design degree

A bachelor’s degree in graphic design can lead to a lucrative career in the fast-growing field of visual communication. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that demand for graphic designers will increase by 20% from now until 2022, making it one of the fastest-growing careers during this period.

In addition to designing logos and posters, a graphic designer might create marketing materials for social media or websites for clients; develop marketing strategies; prepare layouts and illustrations for advertisements, brochures and magazines; or create graphics for online campaigns such as banner ads or email newsletters. In addition to traditional forms of media such as print publications, graphics are often used on mobile apps today too (think Snapchat filters).

Game development degree

  • This degree is a good choice for people who want to work in the gaming industry, as it teaches students how to make games from scratch.
  • Students learn how to create and manage teams of programmers, artists and other game developers, which is an important skill if you want to be considered for a management role.
  • Game development programs are usually offered as 2-year degrees or 4-year bachelor’s degrees, with some schools offering specialized tracks that focus on specific areas of game development like virtual reality or artificial intelligence.

Healthcare administration degree

If you are interested in the healthcare industry, a healthcare administration degree is an excellent choice. The field is booming and will continue to grow as the Baby Boomer generation ages. You can find great employment opportunities in hospitals and other medical facilities.

These are some of the most popular online degrees being offered in 2022.

You don’t have to go to a brick-and-mortar school to earn an accredited degree. The best online colleges and universities offer quality education that’s affordable and convenient, thanks to their distance learning programs.

Online degrees are becoming increasingly popular for all of these reasons—and more! Here are some of the most popular online degrees students are choosing in 2022:

  • Business Administration
  • Criminal Justice/Criminology
  • Nursing (RN) or Registered Nurse


We hope this list of the most popular online degrees in 2022 has been helpful. There are many options available today, and we want everyone to know about them! We also think it’s important for people to be aware that there are so many different ways students can get their education. Online education may be the right choice for some people, while others prefer traditional campuses with brick-and-mortar facilities (or even virtual classrooms). No matter which type of learning environment works best for you, we hope this article has given you some insight into what other people think about online education—and how they feel about the future of higher education as a whole (because let’s face it: there are no shortage of opinions on that topic).

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